Sort of short update

If being a student was a profession, this was definitely what I had chosen to be. I just lóve learning, am really into personal development and change energizes me a lot. But I lost my ‘mojo’.

I completely lost it.

For a long time, I didn’t know what to learn anymore. I was numb. Where I learned a lót in the last couple of years (like how to build a website, climb trees, saving nature, draw, design and build a bookcase, manage IT projects, etc.), now everything seemed useless. Every new idea raised so much questions. Big questions. Life questions. What was my goal? Why did I want to do this? Was it right? Was it wrong? Did it fit my ‘future plan’? And what if there was no plan?

I think everyone knows this kind of feeling, but it just stuck to me and it made me só indecisive. I still loved my job and my life (I wasn’t burnout or something), but I just leaned back and didn’t learn anything. And that was só un-me.

Then it became quiet.

In a sudden everything was quiet. Corona forced me to stop every ‘distraction’ and made me listen. Not to good friends, family or whatever was normally on my schedule. Not to any of my rational urges/impulses. No, it made me listen to my inner self. (Oeh, this sounds hippy.) I ‘listened’ or actually just did what félt good. I started drawing. A lot. And guess what: the flow came back. Without any effort! I just needed some empty space. That was all.

So, I’m back. Back in full force!

I found out that drawing gives me so much energy. To create something new is really satisfying and I need that! So that’s what I do now. Let’s just draw and let’s learn everything about it!