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Edible wild plants No.1

It will give you an incredible wild feeling when you pick your first nettle and put it in the tea. Or if you recognize chickweed between all the other species. To eat directly from your backyard is great and awakens a primal sense of independence. What you need for that is attention. Bring these beautiful wild plants inside and become friends. It will help you to distinguish them from all the others.

This poster with handmade illustrations will help you to learn the 8 most common edible wild plants:

1. Stinging nettle | Urtica dioica
2. Dandelion | Taraxacum officinale
3. Chickweed | Stellaria media
4. Daisy | Bellis perennis
5. Garlic mustard | Alliaria petiolata
6. Sorrel | Rumex acetosa
7. Ground elder | Aegopodium podagraria
8. Broadleaf plantain | Plantago major

Size: 50 x 70 cm

2 versions: dark & light

Based on the 'foraging for beginnners' course from De Wilde SchoolIf you buy or have buyed a course from De Wilde School, you will get 10% discount on this poster.

* Although all plants are painted with great care, the poster cannot be used for identification.